The Ural Center for Shared Use “Modern Nanotechnologies” (USCU MN) of Ural Federal University was founded in 2007.

The current objectives of UCSU MN UrFU: (1) Support of fundamental and applied research in the field of physical and chemical material science related to nanomaterials and nanostructures; (2) Support of development of advanced material and device technologies based on nanotechnology; (3) Creation and application of new data banks and other IT products; (4) Organization of the effective use of UCSU equipment to execute orders of regional enterprises and companies, so as educational and scientific institutions; (5) Exchange of experience, information, and educational programs with foreign partners; (6) Providing the best conditions for scientific work of invited researchers from Russia and abroad.

Recently, UCSU MN UrFU has become the key part of the Center of Excellence of UrFU named “Research and Development of Functional Nanomaterials for Electronic and Biomedicine Application”.

The main areas of the Center investigations: (1) Formation and study of the waveguide structures in nonlinear-optical crystals for photonic applications; (2) Development of new materials for supercapacitors and power sources; (3) Theoretical and experimental study of evolution of domain walls and phase boundaries; (4) Investigations of magnetoelectrics and multiferroics; (5) Nanotoxicology and nanomaterial application in biomedicine; (6) Magnetic resonance in geophysics; (7) Investigations of the size effects and dynamics of the domain structure in ferroelectric nanocrystals; (8) Creation and study of ferroelectric-graphene structures for capacitors, fast transistors and memory devices; (9) Functional visualization by scanning force microscopy modes; (10) Development of the modern methods of electron, optical and scanning probe microscopy for investigation of the advanced functional materials.

Our dream is to establish a world-class University in the heart of Eurasia.

The first International Workshop “Modern Nanotechnologies” (IWMN-2015) was held on August 27-29, 2015 in Ural Federal University. It gathered more than 70 current and future users of UCSU MN UrFU from 10 countries and 12 cities of Russia. During the workshop, the test measurements of participants’ samples on the equipment of UCSU MN UrFU were made. It led to the development of existing research collaboration and appearance of new contacts.