Procedure of access to equipment

Procedure of access to equipment

The given rules and regulations determine procedural-institutional and economic conditions of access of all interested users to equipment of Ural Center for shared use “Modern nanotechnologies” of Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education «Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N.Yeltsin» (hereinafter UCSU MN UFU).

1.     Main principles

  1. UCSU MN UFU is a scientific and organizational structure which coordinates usage, service and application of the unique modern scientific-analytical and technological equipment; with highly-qualified personnel and certified measurement procedures.
  2. UCSU MN UFU facilitates implementation of research activities and rendering of services (tests, measurements) on our shared use equipment  to outside users (individuals and external companies).
  3. Works on shared use equipment in interests of structural divisions of UFU are implemented, pursuant to UCSU MN UFU, by means of a special fund on basis of on-costs from Office of scientific research and on basis of centralized extra-budgetary funds of UFU which are received from commercial educational services.
  4. UCSU MN UFU submits applications from external users (hereinafter – Customers) for realization of research activities as well as service rendering (hereinafter – applications). Application form is developed and confirmed by UCSU MN UFU director and is to contain among others the following: information about a Customer, detailed description of works and, if needed, a technical specification.
  5. List of typical services, rendered to Customer using the UCSU MN UFU shared use equipment as well as its price are subject to the approval of UCSU MN UFU Council chair. UCSU MN UFU service cost calculation algorithm is shown in the Appendix to the given rules and regulations.

1.     Applications procedures

  1. Applications are considered by UCSU MN UFU director on a rolling basis in course of five working days from the moment of the application’s registration.
  2. UCSU MN UFU may establish an order of applications priority including its contents, the degree of application conformity to UCSU MN UFU equipment potentials and its operational time limits.
  3. Following the examination of an application a director of UCSU MN UFU decides on the possibility of signing a contract with a Customer to realize research activity or to render service and includes the application to UCSU MN UFU work plan.
  4. Decision on impossibility to sign a contract must be motivated and a Customer must be informed not later than 3 working days after the decision is taken.

2.     Formation of a Contract

  1. Standard-form contract on realization of research activities and services (hereinafter – Contract) between UFU and a Customer is drawn up by UCSU MN UFU.
  2. The Contract regulates rights on possible results of the intellectual activity which are received in process of scientific research or services realization. 
  3. The Contract regulates the access permit of individuals (Customer’s representatives) to immediately operate on UCSU MN UFU shared use equipment.

3.     Statement of works

  1. Realization of research works and services on UCSU MN UFU shared use equipment upon a Customer application is implemented only after the Contract is signed by both parts (UFU and a Customer).
  2. Upon completing of research and service realization, the work deliverables are transmitted to a Customer in a format indicated in a contract (report, test protocol, measurement report, etc.).  

4.     Final Clauses

  1. List of typical services, list of shared use equipment, application form, research and service realization standard-form contract are all published at official UCSU MN UFU website (
  2. Receipt, registration, processing, keeping of applications, its results and progress status are all implemented electronically. 
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