Asylum MFP 3D SA

Домен на монокристале глицина (амлитуда)
Домен на монокристале глицина (фазовый контраст)
Пьзоотклик пленок глицина
Топография пленок глицина

Highest sensitivity, broad spectra of local electrical measurements

Manufacturer: Asylum Research, USA
Year: 2013
Location: room 126

Main features:  
Sizes of samples: up to 100х100х15 mm3
ХY resolution: up to 10 nm
Z resolution: up to 0.04 nm
Application of voltage: up to 200 V
Local properties, which can be measured:  
  micro-и nano-relief of the surface:  
  range of heights: up to 0.04 nm
Conductivity and spreading resistance:  
registered current: above 1 nA
Work function of electrons  
Spatial distribution of surface potential  
Electromechanical properties  
Spatial distribution of magnetic properties