Magnetooptical Kerr-microscope

Visualization of magnetic domains and automatic measurement of magnetooptical hysteresis loops

Manufacturer: Evico magnetics GmbH, Germany
Year: 2015
Location: room 373

Polar, longitudinal and transverse Kerr effects can be used
Based on the Carl Zeiss polarizing microscope
Main features:  
Linear dimensions of the observation area 0.1-5 mm
Optional overview polarizing microscope
linear dimensions of the observation area 8 - 30 mm
light source – 8 highly stable  leds
Wavelength 450 nm
Digital camera with resolution  1344 x 1024 pixels
Horizontal magnetic field 0.1 - 1300 mТ
Vertical magnetic field up to 900 mT
Substrates’ diameter up to 76 mm