Netzsch DIL 402 C

Термическое расширение фазы перовскита SrTi0.30Fe0.70O3-δ на воздухе

Measurement of linear thermal dilatation of solid and liquid powders, pastes and ceramic fibers.


Manufacturer:  Netzsch, Germany
Year:  2006
Location:  318

Main features:  
c-DTA software for calculation of endo-/exothermic effects  
    simultaneously with measurement of sizes change  
Connection with mass-spectrometer is available  
Horizontal sample holder  
Measurement ranges:  0.5/5 mm
Resolution:  0.125 nm per order, 1.25 nm per order
Contact pressure with sensor:  0.15—0.45 N
Adjustable range of sample length:  25 mm
Temperature range:  from RT to 1600 °С