Netzsch STA 409 Luxx/QMS 403 C


Qualitative and quantitative analysis of gaseous decomposition products of inorganic matters.


Производитель: Netzsh, Germany
Год выпуска: 2006
Комната: 414
Main features:  
Connection to the simultaneous thermal analyzer  
Mass range:  1-300 a.m.u.
Resolution:  > 0.5 a.m.u.
Registration threshold:  > 2x10–14 mbar
> 1 ppm
Connection type:  capillary
Capillary maximal temperature:  300 oC
Ion source:  electron impact, energy 70 eV
Sensor:  Faraday and SEV
Vacuum system:  turbomolecular and diaphragm pumps