Shimadzu XRD 7000S

X-ray diffraction analysis of polycrystalline materials.


Manufacturer: Shimadzu, Japan
Year:  2014
Location:  102в

Cu-Kα-radiation, long fine focus (LFF):  0.4×12 mm
Vertical θ -2θ goniometer radius:  200—275 mm
Minimum step size:  0.0001° (θ)
  0.0002° (2θ)
Angle reproducibility:  +/–0.0002°
Scanning range:  -12 — +164° (2θ)
Auto 5 position sample changer (ASC 1001)  
In-plane rotation of the sample (1-60 rpm)  
in combination with oscillation around  
    the goniometer sample axis (θ)  
High-temperature attachment HTK 1200N (Anton Paar)  
XRD diffraction in air and non-aggressive gas mixtures  
at temperature range:  25—1200 °C