WiTec Alpha 300 AR

Фрагмент цветка
Ткань растения

Nondestructive chemical analysis and surface relief mapping.

Manufacturer: WiTec, Germany.
Year: 2012
Location: room 122

Main features:  
Confocal microscopy in reflected light  
Fluorescent and Raman spectroscopy  
Large area mapping: up to 25x25 mm2
3D layer mapping  
Automated sample positioning:  by X, Y and Z axes
Excitation laser wavelengths: 488 и 633 нм
Optical resolution (for laser 488 nm):  
     - Vertical:  about 500 nm
     - Lateral: about 400 nm
Spectral resolution:  0.72 cm-1
Detector: EMCCD camera