New equipment - X-ray photoelectron spectrometer Thermo Scientific K-Alpha+.

X-ray photoelectron spectrometer allows a quantitative elemental analysis of samples to determine the chemical composition and electronic states of atoms with a resolution of 30 microns. The scan function allows you to measure the spatial distribution of the composition on the surface of the sample and the use of the spray profiling to investigate the change in the composition in depth. The presence of a source of low-energy electrons / ions allows you to explore non-conductive samples.

Main parameters:

Radiation X monochromatized focused - Al K-a
The spot size of X-rays 30-400 microns
The range of measured energies of photoelectrons 5-1500 eV
Resolution 3 meV
The ion source for surface cleaning and building depth profiles 
Maximum sample size: 60x60x20 mm 

23 December 2015