The staff of UCSU MN managed one of the five best projects in "Sirius"

The creation of a full-value equivalent of human skin in the very near future can become a reality. Participants of the Ural project shift, who worked in this direction in January 2018 in the educational center "Sirius", proposed to use magnetic levitation to solve this problem. The project "Creation of the skin equivalent using magnetic levitation methods", led by the researchers of the UCSU MN Lyubov Gimadeeva and Dr. Ilya Zubarev, entered the five top projects following the results of the Urals Project Change organized by the Urals Federal University educational center "Sirius" in Sochi.

"We have really managed to create a breakthrough method of creating the equivalent of the skin," says Christina Zueva, a scholar of the school No. 1 in Verkhnyaya Pyshma . "No one has done it this way before. The procedure is as follows: the cells are fed with magnetic nanoparticles in a carbon shell and exposed to a magnetic field, the field of which they rise above the surface, which makes it possible to organize a multilayer structure similar in characteristics to human skin. Previously, this effect could not be achieved with the help of bioprinting or any other methods."

The possibility of growing heterogeneous layered cellular structures opens wide prospects for the application of these materials in biomedicine, in particular, for the transplantation of the skin to seriously ill people. In the future, this development will create multi-layer organs not only of the skin, but also of any other organs.

"I was in "Sirius" for the first time and I really liked it, - commented on the results of the Ural project shift, the scholar of gymnasium No. 47 in Ekaterinburg, Yuliya Chudinovskikh. - This is a great place where you can develop, for me this is a very great experience. I learned to work in the laboratory and I had many prospects. Most of the time I was the designer of the project to create the equivalent skin. The work was carried out under absolutely sterile conditions, where we worked with cell cultures, added nanoparticles and levitated cells. It has very good equipment - I worked on a cytometer, an optical microscope, a laminar, an incubator, and other equipment. "

In the Ural project change, 97 talented schoolchildren of the 8th-10th classes of the Ural-Siberian region participated in Sochi. The event was organized by the Ural Federal University with the support of the government of the Sverdlovsk region. During the selection process for the Ural project shift, the organizers received more than 800 applications, of which 167 were selected for participation in the in-depth stage of the competitive selection. Then there was a full-time selection, which identified the winners.

In the park of science and arts "Sirius", for the children about 80 modern laboratories and workshops are open. For example, here the guys learn to control an object by the power of thought. All branches are supervised by the largest state corporations and leading universities of the country, from a young age forming a unique personnel reserve. Here pupils and graduates meet with the best minds of the country. Lectures, round tables. All this is brainstorming.

In addition, the project received a grant of 100 thousand rubles during the forum of innovative developers Hackaton 2025 in Ekaterinburg. The project participants became the only winning team during the forum in Ekaterinburg, while Hackaton 2025 was held in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the whole project was presented by 125 teams. In addition to the grant of 100 thousand rubles, the team can compete for a prize fund of four million rubles, presenting the project at the contest of conceptions of the expo park in Ekaterinburg.

Details can be found in the media:
Russian newspaper

29 January 2018

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