University scientists will show to the city the wings of butterflies of rare species

The first in Russia exhibition of photographs of the microstructure of flakes of exotic butterflies’ wings made to study the nature of their color was prepared for the residents and guests of Ekaterinburg by the specialists of UCSU "Modern Nanotechnologies" Ural Federal University together with the contact zoo "Butterfly Park".

An unusual exhibition "From the wing of a butterfly to nanotechnology" will work from March 24 to April 2.

"Here you can see the features of the structure of butterfly wings with nanometer resolution obtained with the help of a scanning electron microscope," UCSU director Vladimir Shur told the TASS news agency. - Research and development of similar technologies is conducted at the Institute of Natural Sciences and Mathematics of the UrFU. Here, a center of biotechnology and bioengineering has been created, in which one of the directions is connected with the development of nanobionics, that is, the study and reproduction of the structure of the insect cover. "

He also noted that copying natural nanostructures, for example, the structure of flake wings, would be used to develop qualitatively new sensors, solar cells, and other devices.

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Photo: Alexandra Khlopotova

16 March 2018