New equipment: compact tubular furnace R 50/250/13/C450

Within the framework of a grant from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation (Project 075-15-2021-677), new equipment was supplied to the UCSU "Modern Nanotechnology" - compact tubular furnace R 50/250/13/C450 produced (Nabertherm GmbH, Germany).

Nabertherm has been designing and manufacturing furnaces and heat treatment equipment for various industries since 1947, supplying products around the world.

Typical applications of tubular furnaces include cleaning, coating, drying, hardening or aging of samples. Among other things, tubular furnaces can also be used for annealing, soldering, calcination, degassing, sintering, soldering, sublimation, synthesis and tempering.

The compact tubular furnace R 50/250/13/C450 allows for temperature treatment of materials at temperatures up to 1300°C and is equipped with a gas supply package with stainless steel gas-density flanges, which provides an inert gas mode and vacuum mode, including a gas supply control panel with a pressure gauge and flowmeter. The inner diameter of the pipe is 40 mm, the heated length is 250 mm.

15 December 2021