Vladimir Shur gave lectures in the largest educational center for gifted children

In February 2016 in Sochi Ural-Siberian scientific school for gifted students was held in the largest educational center called "Sirius" . The educational center was established at the initiative of the President, to encourage children to science and research. Participants underwent a rigorous selection change: winning competitions, contests, tournaments, preparing research papers.

Ural Center for Shared Use “Modern Nanotechnologies” director, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Vladimir Y. Shur was invited to present the modern science in the Ural Federal University. The themes of his lectures: "Nanodomen Engineering in Ferroelectrics", "Fresh flowers: the physical effects on the wings of a butterfly" and "From nanotechnology to the nanotechnology industry." Of particular interest was, of course, a lecture about butterflies.

Despite the young age, children metprof. Shur's lectures enthusiastically, they asked questions, demonstrating a good knowledge of physics. Communication has turned rich and interesting.

"We have done everything for children to come into a contact with a large and successful science - said director of UrFU Liceum Andrew Martianov, - the best teachers of the Lyceum and the University were sent to the "Sirius". 

10 марта 2016

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